Learn How to Enroll for PACE Senior Health Care Services at Center for Elders’ Independence.



The first step to enrollment is to phone our senior health care outreach/intake representatives at 844-319-1150. The representative will take information concerning your senior services needs and health status. Our intake specialists speak English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Vietnamese and Korean. If you decide to move to the next step after the initial conversation, your representative will visit you in your home, interview you about your needs and expectations and answer any questions you or your caregiver(s) might have.




  • Age 55 and over
  • Resident in CEI’s service area
  • Eligible for nursing facility level of care as certified by the State Dept. of Long Term Care 
  • Able to live in a community setting without jeopardizing one’s health or safety. 




  • We will coordinate a tour of the CEI Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Center near you.
  • You will see and experience many services that CEI provides. 
  • You will meet other participants and members of our staff. 
  • Transportation and lunch will be provided if you wish. 





  • After your tour, you will be invited to attend the PACE center for two to three days to get to know us and have your needs evaluated by each specialist on your care team.
  • The care team will develop an individualized Plan of Care for you.
  • Transportation and lunch will be provided.




If you are eligible and if you wish to enroll:
  • You, your caregiver(s) and your Care Team members will meet to review and come to an agreement about your participation in CEI.
  • You will have an opportunity to ask questions about available senior services and discuss the Plan of Care recommended for you by your Care Team, which incorporates Participant and caregiver involvement.
  • You will receive your Member Enrollment Agreement Terms and Conditions, sign your Enrollment Agreement and confirm that your caregiver(s) are able to provide for your care in partnership with CEI.

The Care Team members will explain major features of the program such as:
  • Your monthly fee, if any.
  • That CEI does not pay for medical care you receive outside the plan without prior authorization.
  • What to do if you are unhappy with the care you receive at CEI (Participant Rights, Grievance and Appeal Policies and Procedures).
  • How to disenroll at any time for any reason (Disenrollment Policy and Procedures).
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